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CADMATIC eBrowser for Process & Industry

CADMATIC eBrowser for designers, engineers, subcontractors and end clients

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Key benefits

  • Upload point clouds and experience photorealistic panoramic views
  • Optimize change management using markups and analysis with project partners
  • Take a virtual tour of your project and check details of any object
  • Compare new designs and existing structures

eBrowser for Process & Industry

CADMATIC eBrowser is your ultimate project review tool, letting you walk through your 3D model, combine several models, and compare them. Check collisions and objects or make markups to empower your project coordination and change management.

eBrowser can also be used as a discussion board for commenting and discussion with your team members.

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Easy project reviews and coordination

Your project stakeholders, be they designers, engineers, subcontractors, or end clients, are able to easily review and access all design data in a 3D model. Sharing 3D models is easy thanks to smart visualization techniques.


Better insights and consistency

eBrowser can be used to check collisions, helping you get deeper insights into your 3D model. Models from different sources can be combined to check consistency and maintain your project integrity.


Visually compare and measure

Load and merge point clouds with your 3D model to optimize the data and gain greater understanding of your design.

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