Hull Basic Design

3D modeling of the entire hull structure starting from hull surface import up to a complete project. Alongside 3D modelling, General Arrangements and other drawings can be generated and information for class approval prepared.


Key benefits

  • Extremely fast and easy to use compared to other CAD/CAE/CAM systems
  • Hull structures are stored topologically making modifications quick and easy
  • The intuitive user interface guides the hull designer with maximum assistance 
  • Rule-based engineering assists the engineer and helps to avoid errors
  • Includes powerful copy functions, yard standards, and many automatic mechanisms

Create steel structures for basic design

Hull Structure Basic Design offers topology that supports and eases the designer’s work throughout the entire design process. The Hull Shape Import Manager module makes it possible to import surface-based hull shape models directly into CADMATIC, based on different independent file formats.

The flexibility of design and fast modification are very important parts of Hull Structure Basic Design. For modeling work, it is possible to define project parameters and grids. When modeling a construction, the user can create dependencies with these variables that can be modified at any time. Hull Structure also offers a specific and dedicated 2D drafting functionality to create and maintain general drawings and plans.

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The HiLTop module houses functions that add a new dimension to topology, taking the concept to a higher level and successfully bringing great flexibility to structural ship design. The user can set up special dependencies throughout the ship that can be controlled and maintained from a single location. This allows the user to make massive changes to the ship without spending countless hours on it.

High-level topology is convenient especially in the basic design phase of a project because it allows gaining full control over the basic structural layout of the ship. Changing the basic 3D model used for creating class and arrangement drawings has never been so easy.


Ulstein Verft – Hull & outfitting design of expedition cruise ship

The National Geographic Endurance is the first of two sister ships being constructed for Lindblad by Ulstein Verft. CADMATIC software was used for all the basic and detailed design of the vessel’s hull and outfitting.

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"The beauty of CADMATIC software is that you can work the way you want. There is no strict working order that works best."

Huib van der Pas, Construction Expert and Manager

Groot Ship Design

Interested to know how CADMATIC Hull Design is tailored for your workflow?

This webinar presents how a shell specialist, an inner structure specialist and a production specialist work together on the same block in CADMATIC Marine Software.

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