Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering

Improving engineering quality

Chinese design and engineering company gains competitive edge with CADMATIC

Customer challenge

  • Desire to gain competitive advantage over competitors by improving efficiency of design. 

CADMATIC solution

  • CADMATIC is easier to operate and more efficient than previous solutions. It reduces man hours used and improves quality.

“With CADMATIC we are able to work on both 2D drawings and modelling at the same time, which was previously not possible with other software. This makes it easy for our engineers to help each other when a problem needs solving.” More Chen, Chief Engineer

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Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Respect) is one of the latest marine engineering startup companies in Shanghai, China. In October 2017, the company signed a contract to purchase their first set of CADMATIC licenses.

In 2017 a group of engineers in Shanghai took the decision to start up a new engineering company. Many of the engineers that currently work at Shanghai Respect had previously worked for a company that also used CADMATIC software. One of these engineers, Mr. More Chen, is currently Chief Engineer and team leader at Shanghai Respect.

“We started becoming familiar with CADMATIC in 2009. At the time, we were cooperating with Royal IHC and were very impressed with the excellent solutions CADMATIC offered, so it was decided to start using eBrowser licenses immediately,” Mr. Chen says.

For More Chen and his colleagues, it was an easy decision to choose CADMATIC as the design software for Shanghai Respect. 

“The first consideration for our new company was CADMATIC”. Discussions started in the middle of 2017 and a few months later, in October 2017, the decision was taken to acquire both CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting licenses.

Experts in all design phases

Shanghai Respect mainly provides engineering services for shipbuilding and focuses on detail design as well as production engineering for all disciplines. Basic design, is also something that some of the company’s engineers have mastered. They have designed many kinds of vessels and offshore products for Chinese, European and American shipyards. Their expertise lies in engineering vessels like dredgers ad offshore wind farm vessels. Their previous experience includes, among others, a 4,000 tons heavy lift vessel with DP2 and a 3,700 m3 dredger.

Large improvement on previous software packages

CADMATIC was not the first design software that More Chen and his colleagues have used. As such they were able to compare software products easily. Their previous experience also eased starting up with CADMATIC.

After a week’s training the engineers were able to start using the software and within a month they were familiar with the software. With the help of CADMATIC’s support department Shanghai Respect engineers’ knowledge is growing every day.

“CADMATIC has its own characteristics and it differentiates itself from its competitors, since it is easier to operate and much more efficient. It also saves man hours and improves our engineering quality,” says More Chen.

Great advantages

Shanghai Respect has been working with CADMATIC software for a while now. Combined with their previous experience, this has assisted them to form a strong opinion as to why CADMATIC helps them to improve their work.

“With CADMATIC we are able to work on both 2D drawings and modelling at the same time, which was previously not possible with other software. This makes it easy for our engineers to help each other when a problem needs solving,” Mr. Chen explains.

CADMATIC’s light database is another key advantage of CADMATIC highlighted by Mr. Chen; it allows complete projects to be opened in the modelling software quickly. The scripting and copy functionalities are also much appreciated, while eBrowser is viewed as a very useful tool for project communication.

Improved engineering quality

At the moment, Shanghai Respect is working on an offshore wind farm support vessel/crew transfer vessel (CTV), which is their most important project presently because the company will be involved for not only design but also for building and operation. In next few months, several vessels of this ship type will be produced and used for offshore wind farm operation and maintenance in China. Besides the CTV project, Shanghai Respect also started designing a practice teaching vessel for a domestic university.

All stages of the projects are being engineered in CADMATIC, which is progressing very well so far. 

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