Remontowa Marine Desing & Consulting and Gdańsk University of Technology are preparing the next generation of marine engineers

In an exciting educational partnership, Remontowa Marine Desing & Consulting (RMDC) and the Gdańsk University of Technology are collaborating to bridge the gap between academic study and real-world application in ship design and marine engineering. The collaboration, rooted in a history of mutual benefit and the successful integration of Gdańsk University of Technology alumni into RMDC's workforce, focuses on providing students with unparalleled access to practical CAD training alongside their theoretical studies.

A unique educational blend with the best trainers

At the Gdańsk University of Technology, students have traditionally been introduced to CAD systems through theoretical lectures. However, with RMDC's involvement, a new era of education has dawned.

Now, students receive hands-on training in Cadmatic software, directly from experts in the field. This blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application prepares students for the complexities of modern ship design.

The trainers are seasoned professionals from RMDC with over a decade of experience in the shipbuilding industry, which brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. They not only teach the students how to use Cadmatic software but also provide valuable insights into the entire design process, from hull structure engineering to assembly.

This comprehensive approach ensures that students are not just proficient in software use but are also well-versed in the practicalities of ship design.

A future-ready workforce

The response from the students has been overwhelmingly positive.

Engaging with real projects and models designed by RMDC has made the learning process both enjoyable and informative. This practical experience is crucial in making them attractive candidates for future employment in the marine and offshore industry, smoothing their transition into professional roles.

Leaving a lasting impact

RMDC's commitment to training the next generation of marine engineers and ship designers reflects the company's vision for a skilled and efficient workforce. The success of this program is evident not just in the students' enthusiasm but in their quick adaptation to professional demands, thanks to the user-friendly nature of CADMATIC Hull and the comprehensive training provided.

This partnership between RMDC and the Gdańsk University of Technology not only enhances the educational experience for students but also contributes significantly to the marine and offshore industry by preparing a skilled workforce ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Maciej Uzdowski, Head of Machinery & Piping Department at Remontowa, talking to students about Remontowa and Cadmatic's capabilities.