Accurant Engineers – BWTS retrofit and ship design with CADMATIC

Design and engineering company improves design efficiency and shortens project lead times with CADMATIC.

Customer challenge

  • Need to improve efficiency of design and related processes.

CADMATIC solution

  • User-friendly software reduces errors and saves time, such as in MTO extraction, where MTOs in different templates and standards can be seamlessly extracted as per clients' requirements. 

“The intelligence of CADMATIC software is unbelievable. In many ways, it helps us to reduce the total project time." – Nijin Varghese

Accurant Engineers (Accurant) is a marine engineering consultancy headquartered in India. It offers services for ship and offshore design and analysis, including technical and inspection services, BWTS and scrubber retrofit services, pre-purchase inspections, and EEXI.

The company’s highly experienced team is on a mission to help their customers around the world to attain project standards and meet deadlines. Accurant switched to CADMATIC in 2019 due the advantages offered by the automated generation of MTOs and flexible customization of templates.

Taking the leap to change design software provider

Changing the software provider used for design projects is not a decision taken lightly. In addition to the overall investment, a key aspect is getting designers up and running as fast as possible. In this respect, having sufficient and timely support from the vendor is crucial, especially during the initial stages.

Nijin Varghese from Accurant says that the challenges during the first days of implementation were overcome by having continuous support from the CADMATIC support team.

“The help we received from the CADMATIC support team meant that we could adapt to using the software a lot more quickly,” Nijin says.

Gaining efficiencies

Accurant currently uses CADMATIC to a large extent for the modelling BWTS retrofit projects, after which detailed drawings are extracted once the design is finalized. They will also soon start working on the design of an entire vessel with CADMATIC software, which Nijin says they are looking forward to.

He has been particularly impressed with the intelligence that CADMATIC software offers and the user-friendly interface.

“The intelligence of CADMATIC software is unbelievable. In many ways, it helps us to reduce the total project time. For example, MTO extraction, where we can easily extract MTOs in different templates and standards as per our clients’ requirements. The user interface is excellent too, the best we have ever worked with,” Nijin adds.

Accurant has also been using the CADMATIC CoDesigner module to distribute design work, thereby allowing multiple users to work on same model simultaneously.

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