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The absolute strength of Electrical is its support network.

Grow with CADMATIC Electrical

Insto Sainio Oy is a house building design, consulting and building development service providing company, offering a variety of electricity, HVAC, automation and fire technology design and consulting services, based in Turku, Finland. Insto Sainio Oy belongs to Sitowise Group, which was formed on the basis of the Finnish Wise Group and Sito. Sitowise employs 1,200 top specialists and provides all building design, expert knowledge and digital services to the customer under one roof.

Sometimes they say that design system grows together with the company. This holds true for Turku-based Insto Sainio, which has grown together with CADMATIC Electrical and CADMATIC HVAC software, or at least CADMATIC software has had a significant role in the creation of new business.

When electrical system designer Pasi Sainio founded Insto Sainio in 2005 he hardly believed that ten years later the company would employ 25 designers of whom half would be HVAC designers! The company could employ more people but the shortage of skilled labour is becoming a problem in Turku area. The HVAC designers are particularly hard to find. ”Designing HVAC systems is probably not a very enticing option for young recently graduated engineers”, Sainio smiles. People who study this field of engineering, and there are few of them, wish to work on the practical side. We have tried to get the message through to the educational institutions that we have jobs to offer.”

Insto Sainio has 11 CADMATIC HVAC licenses, one more than CADMATIC Electrical. 

”Personally, I have been designing electrical systems with CADMATIC Electrical since 2003. When we started designing the HVAC systems, there was in fact just one option as work tool”, Pasi Sainio says. ”The absolute strength of CADMATIC Electrical is its support network in Finland. We listen to all development ideas were carefully.”

Insto Sainio became part of Sitowise Group since the beginning of 2016 that has grown strongly via acquisitions. ”The popularity of integrated service models means that there will be fewer but bigger companies. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Yet the best project model for each project will be chosen on a case by case basis. ”Data modelling that has become general anyway is often the best choice for alliance network project models. And for this purpose, choosing the right design tool is of primary importance. With CADMATIC software we are able to keep up for example with architects’ increasing requirements. In this respect, CADMATIC Electrical and CADMATIC HVAC literally work exemplarily.”

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