Mats Granholm

Electrical engineering graduate turns software engineer

“I enjoy learning new things and broadening my perspective, and at Cadmatic I get to do that.”

Mats Granholm’s story shows that there are more ways than one to find your way to Cadmatic. He graduated with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Lund University in Sweden in 2017, after which he returned to his hometown of Turku as a job seeker.

Mats says that he came across Cadmatic by chance at a job fair in 2017. As fate would have it, Mats had switched much of the electrical part of his degree to computer science/engineering towards the end of his studies, making him a good match for Cadmatic.

“Luckily Cadmatic was looking for software engineers and not electrical engineers. They were also looking for people with mathematical backgrounds. I thought the company was a good match for me due to my previous work experience and educational background. I applied and got a job offer!”

Software development an exciting prospect

When starting at Cadmatic, Mats says he felt excited about developing software on a larger scale and being part of a development team.

“Cadmatic definitely met my expectations. Beyond this, I also realized that Cadmatic was just a nice place to work. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and it has remained so for the almost three years I've been here.”

Mats values the open Cadmatic culture.

“Cadmatic is open to employees about result information and other company-related news, which makes one feel even more included in the whole process, and your work feels more valuable.”

Learning on the job

Over the years, Mats has learnt a lot about the software development process in general, but also specifically about the different technologies the development team uses, such as C++, Visual Studio, Jira, and Git.

“Our team has several experienced developers, with their own areas of expertise. Not everything can be read in a book and learning practical skills directly from others is priceless. I feel that my teamwork abilities have improved a lot during my time at Cadmatic.”

Mats currently works as a Software Engineer at Cadmatic’s Turku office. His responsibilities include maintaining and implementing software features. He has some other tasks too, like sprint planning, code reviewing, and occasional QA testing. He says he has also had a lot of fun participating in recruitment events.

Mats’ hard work has paid off and he has recently been offered a role as a Scrum master for the 3D Outfitting & Plant development team!

Music close to his heart

Mats enjoys playing and listening to music in his free time and is also an avid runner.

“My main instrument of choice is the classical guitar, but I enjoy playing most guitar-like instruments. I enjoy running as well and have done that for most of my life. I think it complements my office work nicely. I’m also a fan of collecting and solving Rubik's cube-like puzzles of different kinds.”
Mats Granholm

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