Jasse Nousiainen

Summer trainee with an eye for graphics and web environments

“I expected simple programming tasks but was given quite an advanced and challenging project from the start.”

Jasse Nousiainen joined Cadmatic as a summer trainee during the summer of 2021. His interest in computer graphics and background in web development made him a perfect match for the job.

At Cadmatic, he worked on a research-type project for the summer, looking into the possibilities of visualizing 3D CAD models in a browser environment. The task was narrowed down to further develop a promising solution he identified. This saw him spending most of his summer making the Cadmatic engine compatible with browsers and reimplementing some engine features, while keeping a close watch on performance.

“Overall, my work was about problem solving and researching and less about actual bare coding,” says Jasse.

Summer job exceeded expectations

Jasse says the job exceeded his expectations on multiple levels. Given his relatively modest prior experience, he expected to be given simple programming tasks but, the task was quite advanced and challenging.

“I enjoyed the challenge a lot and it made the work much more interesting. I was great to get hands-on experience with complex graphics programming.”
Jasse loves travelling and exploring cultural or natural locations.

Jasse loves travelling and exploring cultural or natural locations.

A positive and valuable experience Jasse highly recommends

Jasse rates the overall work experience as positive and valuable.

“I got to work with things I am passionate about and learned a lot about software development and computer graphics. It was a great source of motivation to know that my work will one day be integrated into actual products."

Jasse says his colleagues were “amazing and very helpful”, which added to the positive experience. He recommends the experience highly to students in the field of Computer Science, especially those who want to develop advanced software.

In his free time, Jasse loves travelling and exploring cultural or natural locations. He also enjoys kayaking, especially the thrill of encountering rapids and doing whitewater paddling. He has also been into disc golfing for many years.

PS: "Since this article was published, Jasse has started a new position as Software Engineer at Cadmatic.

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