Emanuele Stillitani

"I think of myself as a bridge between customers and the development team, or as a link in a chain, easing the process of communication."

Who is Emanuele Stillitani?

I graduated in aerospace engineering and then chose a slightly different path to start working in the process industry. Since then, I have explored many different areas in this field, ranging from piping materials to QA/QC inspections, up to welding. I worked as a consultant for leading multinational engineering companies for more than ten years, and thanks to this experience, I have gained a good understanding of the whole plant life cycle.

I grew up and lived most of my life in Rome, but a few months ago I decided to step out of my comfort zone and move to Milan to work for Cadmatic. I think change is important. It is good to face new challenges, broaden one’s perspective, and learn new things. In my free time, I like to read, go to the cinema, and travel.

How and when did you end up at Cadmatic?

I used Cadmatic software at a previous job. I still remember how fascinated I was in the beginning by how easy it was to run pipes with the software. One week after being introduced to Cadmatic, I was already laying pipes around the plant. Three years ago, my current manager at Cadmatic, Gianluca Ricozzi, proposed that

I start collaborating with him in promoting eShare. As part of this, I visited many companies and instructed a lot of people in the use of eShare. I enjoyed putting my plant engineering experience to work in these situations. In September 2021, I was hired as a full-time Cadmatic employee.

What is your current position and what are your most important tasks?

I am an Application Specialist. My most important task is supporting our customers in post-sale activities. Often, I think of myself as a bridge between customers and the development team, or as a link in a chain, easing the process of communication. Thanks to my previous work experience, I can easily intercept our customers’ problems and needs. I also train customers in how to use eShare. This gives me the opportunity to get to know different companies, broaden my knowledge, and expand our network of happy customers.

What do you like the most about your work?

I like being close to our customers, to understand their needs, and to let them feel that I can really help them and solve their technical problems. Of course, to do that you must be very patient and be able to connect with people on a psychological level. Moreover, working

for a multicultural company is challenging and interesting, I’m sure this experience will enrich me both at a technical and human level.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges EPC companies face?

Climate change is one of the biggest issues. There is a great need to decarbonize the way energy is produced. Deliveries are becoming increasingly stringent, so it is critical for EPCs to control all plant processes to optimize the time used. Digitalization is another big challenge. Companies need to learn to think digitally, and this mentality shift needs to happen as soon as possible.

What does Cadmatic offer EPC companies?

I think Cadmatic can play a major role in helping our customers to face the afore-mentioned challenges. We help them to continuously improve their businesses, to reach their goals, and solve their problems. Thanks to the strong supportive relationship we have with our customers, we can exceed their expectations and delight them.

PS: Since this article was published, Emanuele has started a new position as Application Specialist at Cadmatic.

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