Emanuele Stillitani

Cadmatic Brand Ambassador Emanuele Stillitani – Application Specialist

People first

One of the best things about Cadmatic is that it is a place where the human factor is firmly placed in the centre, says Emanuele Stillitani, Applications Specialist at Cadmatic’s Milan office.

Values in practice

“I joined Cadmatic because I wanted an international environment and new challenges,” explains Emanuele, “but alongside that I’m most inspired by cooperation, empathy, and helping customers.” Learning about Cadmatic in 2008 while working for an energy company in Italy, he was struck by the simplicity and user-friendliness of Cadmatic software, and the attitude of their developers. “I remember being amazed at how easy it was, and the team at Cadmatic was so good to work with that even though I was operating as a consultant, I felt like their colleague. When I joined Cadmatic later, I learned about the company value of succeeding together and I understood then why they behaved as they did.”

For Emanuele, company values aren’t only words but directives providing guidance on how to create meaningful relationships internally and externally. “I’ve worked for many companies in Italy in a different sector – plant engineering – and also for international companies, but I’ve never heard about their values, and if I did they were just words without being reflecting in working culture. At Cadmatic there have been value-orientated events that emphasise their practical effects.” For example, the value of delighting customers is something that is always relevant in his daily life. “I work in the customer success management team, so I’m actively working with customers all the time. I see that value is part of our daily activity and something that’s really part of the working culture. We provide reliable support and a personal connection. We don’t hide behind informality. There’s always a human being to establish a relationship with,” he says.

Treating people for who they are

When he joined Cadmatic it was a new industry for Emanuele. This meant that he faced challenges and opportunities that were very different from his previous experience. “Joining Cadmatic was a new world,” he explains, smiling, “completely new for me. I had and still have opportunities to learn from people every day, and it’s quite challenging. But it’s also very satisfying, and the emphasis placed on human interaction is one of the main factors why I am personally happy and satisfied working here.”

In addition to the work itself, Emanuele has also faced a few minor cultural challenges. Originally a Roman, Emanuele moved to Milan in the industrial North because that’s where most of Cadmatic’s Italian customers are based. “Italy isn’t a uniform country so that was a cultural jump. And working for a Finnish company is different from working for an Italian one. I decided early on to accept Cadmatic’s work philosophy and the opportunities it brings. I’ve even started to like Finnish coffee,” he laughs.

The Finnish company’s insistence on balancing work and private life is one thing that has always stood out. “Cadmatic understands that the more a human is at ease in work the more they can contribute. I apply this daily in trainings, for example. I start by creating a connection, asking about backgrounds, their issues, their industry. Behind any technological solution are humans. So, even if Cadmatic makes software, nonetheless they are developed and used by humans, who like to be treated for who they are. This is the key factor that I try to work with, and since I’m interested in philosophy and psychology, my personality really fits with the role.”

The Ying and Yang of Cadmatic

“Cadmatic is an agile and adaptable company,” continues Emanuele, “and I’ve noticed many times a customer has a particular need, and the developers are ready to make changes. Our R&D department is very open to customer’s feedback, willing to develop quickly features that they think might be useful. It’s a mix of the pragmatic and human. Yin and yang, we could say.”

To new Cadmaticans, Emanuele concludes with s positive message. “You’re going to work in a place that gives you opportunities learn new things every day. There will be lots of challenges but they are positive. Be open, be honest, have trust and enjoy yourself.”