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Business News February 2018

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CADMATIC Marine and Plant Design software is currently used by more than 950 companies in 57 countries. We have new customers from Europe and Asia who have started using CADMATIC software. Current customers have also continued investing in additional licenses. The business news of the past few months is listed below.

Bonatti S.p.A. is one of our latest customers from Italy. Their office in Parma purchased CADMATIC eShare licenses. Bonatti S.p.A. is a leading oil & gas international general contractor with more than 70 years' of experience in providing services to the oil & gas and power industry.

CMT Engineering s.r.l. is located on the Black Sea Coast in Mangalia, Romania. CMT has purchased both CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting software. The software will be used for a project at the West Sea Shipyard for the development of four new ships based on hybrid technology.

The company is specialized in providing complete ship designs & engineering, including production documentation and ship models at scale.

The Fundación Ingenierio Jorge Juan in Madrid, Spain, has started to implement CADMATIC Marine Design software in their curriculum. The institution has started with implementing Hull software.

International Paper Madrid from Madrid, Spain, decided to invest in CADMATIC’s Information Management software eShare.

Meru Industries LLP, located in Pune, India, has started using CADMATIC 3D Plant Design software for their detailed engineering.

Established in 1988, Meru Industries has been providing cost-effective, tailor made designs and solutions in the sugar industry for over two decades across the globe. It is an established manufacturer and solutions provider in the field of sugar, power and biofuel.

Process Service s.r.l. is an engineering company that focuses on chemical and pharmaceutical plant designs and constructions. They have started using CADMATIC Plant Design software. The head office is located in Rho, Italy.

Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co., Ltd. is one of the latest startup companies within marine engineering in Shanghai, China. In October 2017 they signed a contract to purchase CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting licenses. They mainly provide engineering services for shipbuilding and focus on detail design as well as production engineering for all disciplines.

Sibintek-Zvezda is one of our latest customers in Russia. The company is responsible for purchasing licenses for several of its daughter companies: DB Lazurit, ZMT Engineering and Zvezda Shipyard. Multiple Hull and Outfitting licenses are in use at these companies.

STABcad s.r.o.’s office is located in Komarno, Slovakia. The company has purchased CADMATIC Plant Design software.

Multiple customers have purchased CADMATIC Information Management software for project reviewing: 

Asitek Oy
El-Tec B.V.
CFLOW Fish Handling AS
CKT Projects
Color Line AS
DESS Aquaculture Shipping AS
Icepronav Engineering s.r.l.
Louis Dreyfus Armateyrs S.A.S.
Maritime Interior s.r.l.
Onezhsky Shipyard
Sterling & Wilson Pvt Ltd
UPL Limited.