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CADMATIC’s recently launched FollowApp mobile application resulted from the devel­opment drive to max­imize the utilization of mobile and cloud appli­cations with CADMATIC solutions.

The application, which is current­ly available free of charge, allows users to monitor key CADMATIC design project metrics conve­niently from their mobile devices. It reduces the uncertainty around project schedule and cost esti­mations in new projects. The data can be compared to other similar data from previous projects, which provides the user with a good un­derstanding of the status of the project.

The app is available from both Google Play and Apple Store.

The project metrics that can be monitored with FollowApp include, for example, project 3D model progress by the total length, mass and number of pipes and pipe fit­tings, pipelines, pieces of equip­ment, cables, cable trays and ducts. The progress of P&ID can also be monitored during process design as well as document production. The metrics are automatically uploaded to the app at scheduled times from CADMATIC design applications.

Storage in cloud service

The metrics are stored in a cloud service provided by CADMATIC. Actual design data is not published and access to the service is restricted to only authenticated users controlled by system administrators.

The app enables users to mon­itor project progress with the flex­ibility to adjust the periods and metrics covered. The app is avail­able from both Google Play and Apple Store.

“We are very excited about what FollowApp offers our clients. Proj­ect Managers are becoming in­creasingly mobile and they need information at their fingertips re­gardless of their location. The Fol­lowApp provides our software users with this kind of infor­mation wherever they are and allows them to react quickly, if necessary,” says Sami Ko­ponen, Vice President - Plant segment at CADMATIC.

Monitoring the progress of the number of elbows in a design project with FollowApp.
Monitoring the length of pipes and P&IDs in a design project with FollowApp

CADMATIC FollowApp in brief:

  • Takes your business decisions to a new level – accurate and up-to-date project progress with an app for your mobile
  • In-app reports provide visibility to key project metrics regardless of your physical location.
  • Easy to compare project progress with targeted levels
  • The metrics are stored in a cloud service provided by CADMATIC.
  • Automatic, scheduled publishing.
  • Demo data allows trying the app without having CADMATIC projects or licenses.
  • Using the app is currently free of charge.