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User Organizations

CADMATIC is suitable for large, medium-sized and small customer organizations. Our software is widely used by owners and operators, EPC companies and engineering and consultants all around the globe.

Engineering and Consultants

CADMATIC is focused on providing engineering consultants with the best and most efficient engineering tools on the market. Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements. The result is a plant design software solution that has proved itself to be the most efficient and easiest to use on the market, is open for integrations and produces accurate production data and digital 3D plant models for any kind of industrial project.


EPC Companies

Our solutions include integrations to the most important design and engineering disciplines and avoid duplicate data input and modeling, while seamlessly managing data transfer and design changes between different disciplines in a coordinated manner.


Owners and Operators

The integrated CADMATIC asset management solution makes use of 3D and other plant design data, which is also available for technical management, maintenance and project personnel.