eShare for Owners and Operators

Central web portal access for all facility related data: operation, maintenance, third party systems, drawings and documents, and 3D model.

eShare offers the platform to host a digital twin of your projects. Besides consolidating all project-related data in one web portal and providing the most innovating technology for efficient handling of large size 3D models in various formats, eShare ensure any information is available in the optimal format to support decision making.

3D model, originating from different formats, such as PDS or PDMS, is in general at least 10 times smaller in size and easier to handle in eShare. It can be enriched with 3D as build captured data from point clouds and data from various reports and linked documentation.

Inspection data can be linked from the maintenance system and visualized without extra efforts for integration. Central storage of comments provides the possibility to use eShare as a discussion board and change management tracking.

Read more about using eGo for mobile access to eShare data and eShare for HoloLens for Augmented Reality access to the project.

Access the project using 2D drawing or 3D model - all data is linked in eShare

Navigate to project using a 3D model or a 2D drawing, web portal or Windows tablet or HoloLens - all data stored centrally and linked in eShare. Documentation, such as P&Ids, layout drawings or isometrics, can serve as an entry point to analyze the overall project.

Follow the assembly and construction or maintenance progress

With data linked from maintenance or inspection systems, eShare serves as a natural interface to visualize any information or access it from the central web portal.

Inspection and maintenance data in single access portal

Any data can be added to eShare with existing adapters. It can be data from the maintenance systems or online streaming data readings from sensors. once linked to eShare, it can be easily visualized and used alongside with other project information.

Notification about abnormality in operation can be handled more efficiently if at the same time data about normal values, maintenance history, manufacturers manuals, process diagrams and 3D model available with just one click.

Combine 3D digital model with 3D captured model from point clouds.

In eShare, point clouds are automatically converted to photo panoramic images, which are stored at the server. Currently, the supported format is CPD, originating from the CADMATIC Laser Scan Modeller.

Once point clouds are added to the eShare server, users can directly navigate to between the point clouds that will be shown in photorealistic views and see point clouds alongside the 3D model. It is possible to measure distances between the cloud and 3D objects, add smart points to store notes or other extra information related to the point cloud.

Adding tags with smart points to equipment and point clouds provides the possibility to easily find it in the 3D model and check any integrated information for it from other linked systems, such as maintenance or operation controls and instructions.