eShare – digital twin of your project in a web portal

A step beyond 3D review with a central web hub for all linked project information: 3D model, drawings, schedules, comments and direct links to other systems.

eShare complements our design and engineering solutions by providing an innovative and easy way to utilize digital twins and optimize business processes. eShare allows organizations to combine, find, visualize and share project and asset information in a single and easily accessible web portal.

With eShare, the user can take full advantage of the visual power of digital twins and assets such as 3D models, P&IDs and other drawings. It provides an innovative and easy way to utilize project information and optimize business processes.

People in different roles can use eShare to access information created with specialized applications for design and other business functions, without having to use each application separately.

Read about the possibility to use AR in project design and review with eShare with HoloLens.

For Owners and Operators:

  • Digital twin platform - one window to all facility related data: 3D model, 3D captured data from Laser Scans, operation and maintenance, data from the field and more
  • Handover of the complete project
  • Easy to use model combined from parts made in different CAD formats
  • Link with 3rd party applications: SAP and other adapters are ready out of the box
  • Facilitation of revamping phase with status information updates for dismantling
  • Read more about use cases for Owners Operators

For Engineering, Procurement and Construction:

  • One window to all project related data
  • Use 3D model or 2D drawings as an interface to access data
  • Control construction phase and planning with onsite mobile access
  • Link to feasibility and use 3D dashboard for project performance tracking
  • Facilitate project change management, control construction phase, and planning
  • Store comments saved on top of the 3D model with labels and dimensions, use the possibility to compare it with the previous situation or check for collisions
  • Support for commissioning phase: certifications from equipment suppliers linked to the central web hub, create test packs, visualize and  annotate with using statuses 
  • Read more use cases for EPC