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CADMATIC offers dedicated, high-performance tools for the design of process-intensive industrial plants. The user-friendly system reduces project lead-times and by speeding up design and improving the accuracy of data.

CADMATIC's state-of-the-art information management tools for engineering project review and communication reduce the risk of uninformed decisions while avoiding expensive mistakes during production, installation, change management and operation.

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Diagram and P&IDs

Create, manage, validate and modify a wide variety of process flow, schematics, P&IDs, electrical or cabling diagrams.

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3D Model and Layout

The intuitive 3D layout of a complete project using parametric models and service space reservation.

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Structural Modeling

Model 3D project casings and structural parts, including various plates, beams, foundations, stairs and ladders, railings, platforms, and many others.

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Piping Design

Intuitive and easy tools for piping designers to create complex piping systems. Fully integrated with diagrams, with online clash control and specification-driven pipe routing, which ensures that piping design is fast, consistent and accurate.

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HVAC and Ducting

Ducts of any shape and type for 3D space reservation and for detailed construction data output.

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Electrical Design

Significantly saves man hours in cable routing and shortens the time needed for installation of pre-cut cables in plants. Cable Router comes with a fully automated routing functionality that selects the optimized routes for cables, calculates their cut lengths and checks cable way fill rates and possible collisions in cable jumps between cable ways.

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Laser Scans in Plant Design Projects

CADMATIC Laser Scan Modeller is an integrated solution for seamless use of data from laser scanners in 3D models and construction data.

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Construction Data

At any stage of 3D modelling the user can generate a wide range of documents for construction including layout drawings, sketches, piping layouts, isometric drawings for pipes and duct spools, as well as unit and structural parts drawings. BOMs and MTOs can be extracted at any time.

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Interoperability, eXchangers

Smooth cooperation, integration, and interfacing with other technology suppliers and software systems.

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Distributed Design

Extremely robust yet resource-friendly project distribution system. It enables users to work simultaneously on the same project irrespective of their location. This distribution system suits both large multinational operators and smaller companies.

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eShare – the ultimate information management tool for process-intensive industries

Integrate, visualize and share engineering, design, construction and operation information in a web portal.

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eShare for HoloLens

eShare for HoloLens* offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.

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eGo for Plant Industry

eGo – 3D project mobile review for Windows tablets and backend connection to eShare web server.

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eBrowser for Plant Industry

The ultimate project review tool allows users to walk through the 3D model, combine several models in one or compare with each other, check collisions, easily locate and check details about any object, get dimensions and make markups for project coordination and change management.

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Take your business decisions to a new level – accurate and up-to-date project progress with FollowApp for your mobile.

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