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Customer Segments

CADMATIC Plant Design software is a complete solution for owners and operators, EPCs and engineering consultants. It serves many industries: oil & gas, chemical, power, pulp & paper, bio / pharma / food and metal & metallurgy. CADMATIC is a user-friendly, efficient and open software package that is robust enough to handle even the most complicated design projects.

Bio / Pharma / Food

These include pharmaceutical plants and units, starch, wheat and potato process plants and waste burning plants etc. CADMATIC ensures that your team continuously saves time and reduces the possibility of errors throughout projects, starting from process diagrams all the way up to the fully completed project with up-to-date documentation for installation and erection.


Green Industries

Green energy or renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy and bio-mass have come strongly to the fore in the last decade. New plants need to be built and current plants need to be adapted at an increasing pace to meet new and ever more stringent environmental standards. With CADMATIC software new plants and revamp projects can be completed effectively and efficiently.



Modern chemical projects require design solutions based on knowledge of technological processes, wide use of different standards, equipment and component fine-tuning as well as control of information assets.


Mining & Metallurgy

Complex mining and metallurgy projects require high quality design solutions and tools, which provide all network members with up-to-date and easily accessible information. This information has to be available at all times for all companies involved in the design, building, operation, maintenance and asset management chain.


Oil & Gas

Complex oil and gas projects require design solutions and tools of the highest standards for all network members to provide them with up to date information that is easily accessible for all companies involved in the design, building, operation, maintenance and asset management chain.



Design of large and small power plants and nuclear power plants require special attention to industry standards.


Pulp and Paper

Pulp and paper are traditionally strong industries in Finland. Thanks to these long-term traditions and large amount of completed projects CADMATIC is the leading software provider for this industry field.