Plate nesting | 2016

Technical description

The CADMATIC Nesting module is used to nest part geometries and to optimize the use of raw plate material to minimize material waste.

Plate Nesting (HSM2)

CADMATIC Plate Nesting can be used in an interactive mode, in basic automatic nesting mode or a combination of both. The basic automatic nesting mode nests the parts fully automatically for 1 plate according to user definable settings. The nesting module processes the CADMATIC Hull part geometries directly but also accepts part geometries from other systems in standard DXF file format. The Plate Nesting module offers functionality for creating/modifying part geometries, remnant handling, automatic cutting path creation and generating the NC code for cutting machines.

Features such as bridges, lead-in and lead-out, start holes, (powder) marking, text, contour optimization, net. weights, cutting length, rapid movement and time estimates are all included. The module outputs nesting sketches and nesting reports for the workshop.

The Plate Nesting module supports flame, plasma and laser cutting machines and is delivered with 2 standard post processors for right angle cutting and line (powder)marking.

Automatic Plate Nesting

Advanced autonesting option (HSM2-1)

In addition to the basic Plate Nesting module, an enhanced automatic nesting feature 'Advanced Autonesting', including Buffer Nesting, is available as an add-on module.

This advanced feature can be used for fully automatic plate nesting or in conjunction with the interactive nesting options. Buffer Nesting offers the user the ability to maximize the use of automatic nesting by defining a set of available (stock) plates and a set of piece parts that have to be nested (including the automatic generation of the NC cutting files) in a batchoriented way. This feature gives a completely new meaning to automatic nesting and is especially beneficial for shipyards processing large amounts of parts in an efficient way.

Bevel and Text Marking features (HSM2-2 – HSM2-5)

In addition to the standard cutting options, the Plate Nesting module can be delivered with extra functionality to support specific cutting machine devices for bevel cutting and text marking units. Option ‘Bevel-3’ supports bevel cutting with a 3- torch flame cutting head as the ‘Bevel-1’ option supports single torch plasma heads. The Text Marking option supports marking units with inkjet and similar devices. These additional features usually require a customized post processor depending on the type and manufacturer.

Postprocessor (category 1, 2 and 3) (HSM2-6 – HSM2-8)

Category 1 includes straight cutting, line marking and manual multi-burner positioning functions. In addition to category 1, category 2 includes text marking and programmable multi-burner positioning functions. In addition to category 2, category 3 includes bevel cutting, drilling and other special functions.