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The key to digitalization

In your process industry projects, huge amounts of data are produced. Digital engagement platforms CADMATIC eShare and eBrowser put this information at your fingertips. Engineering, procurement, construction, project management, and other process records can be accessed and shared through a single portal, linking your data with your 3D model and serving as the platform for your digital twin.


There’s always room to boost your efficiency, productivity, and profitability in EPC projects. Our tools let you get the most out of your engineering data assets thanks to automated data handling and consistent quality throughout your processes.


Ensure consistent, reliable, and reusable digital data across disciplines and project phases. Connect your entire engineering and design processes with automated data handling to guarantee the integrity of your project information.


Decades of CAD experience is embedded in our software. Serving as universal knowledge hubs, our information management solutions make sure the best practices and solutions are applied throughout, giving you design consistency and regulation compliance. Your designers benefit from customized settings, specifications, and predefined modules to make their experience uniform across project phases.

Intelligent information management solutions


Integrate, visualize and share engineering, design, construction and operation information in a web portal.

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CADMATIC eShare for HoloLens

eShare for HoloLens* offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment.

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eGo – 3D project mobile review for Windows tablets and backend connection to eShare web server.

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The ultimate project review tool allows users to benefit from viewing the whole digital model in 3D. Details about each object can be retrieved and the visibility of areas and systems checked.

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Project control software that keeps you on time and within budget. Easy and fast integration with Oracle© Primavera™ P6 and Microsoft© Project™ to enable 4D project control.

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CADMATIC Construction

Effectively monitor and manage construction projects. Construction monitoring and management software that integrates diverse construction data for real-time analysis in the cloud.

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CADMATIC Materials

Effectively manage materials and piping across your project life cycle. Materials and piping management software that manages your material requirements, ensures quality, boosts efficiency, and delivers accurate tracking and forecasting.

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CADMATIC Engineering

Collaborate efficiently and control engineering data quality. Engineering data management software that enhances teamwork, improves communication efficiency, and allows you the flexibility to adapt to different project needs.

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Take your business decisions to a new level – accurate and up-to-date project progress with FollowApp for your mobile.

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"Earlier we used special systems to publish P&IDs on our intranet. Nowadays they are not needed, since we search for the documents in eShare and inspect them there. Even the 3D model information can be accessed through eShare."

IT manager, Peter Brunesson

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Other CADMATIC solutions

3D Plant Design

Intelligent and specification-driven software speeds up and eases design work while reducing errors.

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Electrical and automation

Electrical and automation solutions for engineering and 3D electrical design needs.

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Augmented and virtual reality

Unleash the full power of digitalization in industrial design and asset management with the latest AR/VR/MR technologies.

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