CADMATIC Electrical – Solution for building electrical design

CADMATIC Electrical is the most comprehensive BIM software on the market for electrical design.

CADMATIC Electrical is a powerful solution for design and documentation of electrical and automation engineering: building electrification (BIM/3D), industrial electrical and automation engineering, layout design of switchboards and the design of distribution networks.

The most extensive design system on the market

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can take your design to whole new level. Benefit from the centralized control of design data from different fields and the ability to scale the software to fit your needs.

Efficient data base system

Centralized data management means you can edit data wherever you want. You don’t need to enter the same design data repetitively; just edit it in one place and the system updates all the data occurrences.

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can start the design anywhere you want, or wherever you can with the initial data available for the design: an installation drawing, a center schema, a circuit schema, a cabinet layout, or a database. The choice is yours. You can also efficiently use existing projects or project templates to design schemas.

Electrical design in installation drawings

Electrical design in installation drawings and centre schemas. Manage the information on switchboards and groups and their electrotechnical calculations, and draw system-specific points and wirings. Manage elevations and product information. Design the lighting by using a two-way DIALux link. Generate project-specific reports.

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BIM and 3D

You can use certified data model software to design in 2D/3D. You can use the IFC models of the other participants in the design process. Ensure quality in design with real-time collision detection. Specify unlimited additional information that you can transfer to the other parties in the project through data models.

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Project-specific data management

The real-time multi-user environment makes centralised management of the project’s design data possible. In CADMATIC Electrical, the same information can be found in different documents. A change made to data in one place is updated in real time to all of its occurrences. You can also mass edit the project’s design data efficiently and generate the project’s reports from centralised information.

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Circuit schemas

You can use the design data already created in the project for circuit schemas, or you can use design data produced elsewhere for the same purpose. When you start designing circuit schemas, you can use all of the devices and cables already created for the project. You can also generate circuit schemas by circuit from the database or an Excel file.

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