Creating a dynamic digital twin with CADMATIC eShare

Create a dynamic digital model for the marine and process industries.

Have you ever wondered how you could replicate your entire ship or industrial facility into a digital model? This is not only possible, but also the future, thanks to digital twins. A digital twin is a dynamic digital clone of your physical assets, much more than just a 3D model. With CADMATIC eShare, your go-to solution for creating digital twins in the marine and process industries, the possibilities are endless.

3D Ship model

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a digital clone of your physical asset that is constantly updated with real-time data. It allows access to everything from 3D models and 2D documentation to live databases and real-time performance metrics via a virtual platform. A digital twin is your key to unlocking unprecedented efficiencies, whether you want to optimize construction, streamline design reviews, or improve operation.

eGo in tablet

CAD/CAM vs. digital twin

Traditional CAD/CAM systems provide robust design and engineering capabilities, but they do not provide the evolving, real-time insights that digital twins do. CADMATIC eShare goes a step further by seamlessly integrating with your PLM, ERP, and MES systems, resulting in a holistic digital twin that grows with your project.

Construction workers in front of 3D model

How are digital twins stored?

A powerful platform that can house and interconnect various data types is the magic behind a functioning digital twin. This is where CADMATIC eShare excels. Our platform is not a data repository. It links to your valuable data and provides easy access to it via the project 3D model, providing the key to successful digital transformation.

Construction workers in front of 3D model

Taking advantage of digitalization

The digital shift is more than a passing fad; it is a strategy. It also goes beyond simply converting old practices to digital formats. You don't just keep up with the digital transformation with CADMATIC eShare, you set the pace. Leverage the full potential of digitalization for your industrial projects, from increased productivity to improved quality.