Extended Reality - AR/VR/MR technology

Use the full power of digitalization in industrial design and asset management with newest technology

Traditionally, 3D model review was considered a step forward from 2D drawings and documentation. The breakthrough in XR devices created new possibilities to interact with 3D data with the use of holograms and virtual reality – users can literally step into the project model, in its real size and surroundings.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality

Different devices offer different ways of interacting with data. With virtual reality headsets, it is possible to dive into the 3D model as if you were completely inside it. The Cadmatic interfaces for VR include eBrowser/eShare interfaces for review of 3D models, and a VR interface for 3D design solutions, which can open design models in progress and add interactivity to the design process. The Augmented and Mixed reality interface offers the use of the MS HoloLens eShare app for review of the 3D model in live environments.

New possibilities to unlock full potential of IT

Extended reality solutions offer the unique opportunity to experience design in real surroundings in its actual scale. The empowerment that comes with visualization, interaction and connection with 3D model cannot be overestimated. An enhanced understanding of layouts and the connection between disciplines can supplement or even substitute on-site visits. The possibility to share virtual sessions with several participants, load meta-data and measure distances are only some of features that can be experienced in virtual tours.