Webinar - Industrial Plant Design webinar series. Part - 2 on " Cadmatic 3D Plant Design"

Webinar - Industrial Plant Design webinar series Part-2 - “Cadmatic 3D Plant Design”.

In this webinar you will focus on creating equipment layouts, routing pipes and ducts, and finalizing projects while our intelligent software identifies collisions, stores assets for future use, and checks component compatibility.

Focus area:

  1. Use of Integrating Cadmatic Diagram with Cadmatic Plant Modeler (3D).
  2. Moving of Equipment along with connected Pipeline without cutting and deleting of connected Pipeline.
  3. Changing Nominal Size of already routed Pipeline easily.
  4. Changing of Valve types which are already placed in a Pipeline without deleting and placing those Valves.
  5. Online Clash Detection
  6. Internal Work Request
  7. Pipe Support and Structure
  8. Extraction of Production deliverables (GA drawing, Bill of Material in Excel, Support Drawing, and Isometrics) quickly with more accurate and aesthetic.

Key Benefits: 

  1. Optimize performance with 3D models of any size or complexity.
  2. Easily modify and reuse your assets in multiple projects.
  3. Save time and minimize errors with automated data handling.

Who will Benefit:  Process & Industry, EPC, Owner & Operators, Engineering consultants.

  Host,                          Uttpala B, Sr. Marketing Executive,   Cadmatic

Sales Presenter, Loveneet Kumar, Sales Manager, Cadmatic

Technical Presenter,   Rahul Sansare, Team Leader, ​Cadmatic