Webinar - “Unleashing Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Cadmatic for Marine Outfitting Detail Design”

Marine webinar - “Unleashing Efficiency: A Deep Dive into Cadmatic for Marine Outfitting Detail Design”.

In this webinar you will explore seamless integration between Cadmatic P&ID and Plant modeller, empowering efficient process deliverable extraction and streamlined design workflows. Learn how to effortlessly generate listings, datasheets, BOMs, GA drawings, and more with automatic annotations, revolutionizing marine outfitting efficiency. Join us to chart a course toward unparalleled design excellence.

Focus area:

    1. Create and edit process flow diagrams and P&IDs with customizable symbol libraries for precise engineering representations.
    2. Generate various deliverables like listing and datasheets with accuracy and consistency for efficient project documentation. 
    3. Seamless Integration between P&ID and 3D model for synchronized design updates and error reduction.
    4. Explore the powerful 3D modelling tools of CADMATIC 3D Outfitting Detailed Design.
    5. Automatic extraction of BOMs, GA drawings, isometrics and spool drawings, and support drawings with auto annotations for comprehensive project documentation.

Key Take Away: 

  • Efficient Design Workflows with precision and consistency.
  • Seamless integration and Synchronized Design Updates.
  • Advanced 3D Modeling Tools for Detailed Outfitting Design.
  • Automatic extraction of comprehensive project documentation with annotations.

Who will Benefit:  Shipyards, Ship Designing firms, Naval Architects, Ship Designing Engineers.

  Host,                          Uttpala B, Sr. Marketing Executive,   Cadmatic

Presenter,  Sales Manager, Marine,        Agathish Moorthy Cadmatic

Sr. Application Specialist, Shashank Rane, ​Cadmatic