Process & Industry webinar: Create a digital twin in days with CADMATIC eShare™

Watch our exciting webinar dedicated to the incredible advantages of digital twins in the EPC industry, proudly presented by CADMATIC eShare! 

Unveil the power of digital twins in engineering projects: While digital twins offer immense benefits in the EPC sector, you may not be aware of just how easily you can build one for your project. CADMATIC eShare simplifies the process, allowing us to create a project/plant demo environment in just a few days. 

Here is what's on the webinar agenda: 

Keynote: Navigating the challenges of digital twin implementation. 

  • Explore the process of setting up a Digital Twin, often perceived as time-consuming and complex. 
  • Delve into the hurdles associated with data integration and the integration of third-party systems. 

Witness the swift and effortless creation of digital twins with CADMATIC eShare 

  • See firsthand how CADMATIC eShare makes it quick and easy to create a digital twin. 
  • Understand the essential prerequisites for a successful digital twin deployment. 

Real-life success story: Trillini Engineering's journey with digital twins 

  • Gain valuable insights into Trillini Engineering's experience in establishing a digital twin. An Italian engineering company operating in the field of integrated design in the energy sector
  • Learn how they overcame challenges swiftly, willingly, and with a high level of professionalism. 

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