P&I Webinar on eShare - One window to access all projects Information

Process & Industry webinar: eShare - One window to access all projects Information

CADMATIC eShare is revolutionizing how EPCs, owner-operators, and engineering companies think about and use design, construction and operational plant information. eShare powerful information visualization leads to faster and more accurate decision-making. The independent web-based portal can integrate, visualize and share any facility-related information via the 3D model.

Watch this Webinar on eShare - One window to access all projects Information:

  • Access all project data in one place – any data in any database can be integrated, searched for and shared.
  • Make all decisions faster and more accurately – the right information is available, all the time, to all project participants.
  • Boost efficiency of project progress monitoring by visualizing statuses based on several variables
  • Independent solution means no reliance on single vendor. Easy participation by several project parties using different design and engineering systems.

Who will Benefit:  EPC’s l Owners & Operators l Engineering Companies l Consultants.

Date - 20th Sept 2022  | Time - 15:00 PM IST 

Technical Presenter, Mohsin Khan, ​Cadmatic

  Host,                          Mishtii Hindlekar,    Marketing,    Cadmatic