Marine Webinar - Hull- Topological Construction and Detail Design

Marine webinar - Hull- Topological Construction and Detail Design.

In this webinar you will know, how Cadmatic can be used for creating parametric construction models of a ship and implement changes in a topological manner to suit sister ship models or keep pace with changes at the basic design phase. Introduction to shell development in Cadmatic Hull. Completely customizable outputs with Cadmatic Production Information module.

Focus area:

  • Cadmatic Hull Modelling
  • Production output
  • Production output Shell module

Date - 5th July 2023 

Time - 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Key Take Away: 

  • Efficient Hull modelling with parametric construction for Hull conversions, working with grids.
  • Using shell development tools for efficient bending and development of shell plates
  • Customizable Production reports.

Who will Benefit:  Shipyards, Ship Designing firms, Naval Architects, Ship Designing Engineers.

  Host,                          Uttpala B, Sr. Marketing Executive,   Cadmatic

Presenter,  Sales Manager, Marine,        Agathish Moorthy Cadmatic

Application Specialist, Alwino Dias, ​Cadmatic