eShare Webinar March 2020

How to stay on top of the information when projects are getting more and more complex, and how to keep ahead of competition in a rapidly changing market

eShare is revolutionizing how EPCs think about and use design, construction and operational plant information, and it’s powerful information integration and visualization leads to faster and more accurate decision-making.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how CADMATIC eShare facilitates engineering decisions and helps you manage engineering progress and changes in pulp&paper, oil&gas, power and chemical EPC projects more efficiently. Other topics covered include:

  • Enrich 3D engineering models with data from analysis and tracking systems
  • Eliminate gaps in the information flow and effectively support the construction phase
  • Stay on top of information in more complex projects and ahead of the competition
  • Use laser-scanned data and point clouds

Webinar takes approximately 35 minutes and is followed by a Q&A. Presentation is given by Jim Nyroos, Business Development Manager, CADMATIC.