eShare for EPC Webinar, Feb 2021

Digital twin can improve project outcomes in pulp & paper, oil & gas, power, and chemical EPC projects.

Data flows in EPC projects

How a digital twin can help to improve project outcomes

EPC companies report that 80% of projects experience overruns in budgets and schedules. Inefficient communication between project stakeholders is one of the root causes of project failures, and as project size and complexity grow, so do the communication challenges.

A digital twin offers a solution to communication challenges. It improves data flows in EPC projects so that stakeholders can access data at all times to follow project progress, understand project data, and make the correct decisions.

In this webinar we also show you practical examples of how a digital twin can boost your projects. 

The webinar that took place on February 10 lasted approximately 30 minutes and presentation was given by Kari Manner, Director, New Sales Business, CADMATIC.

At CADMATIC, we believe that the success of projects relies heavily on how we can improve communication between different project stakeholders. We develop technologies and tools for data-driven engineering through the whole life cycle of industrial investment projects to keep them within agreed schedules and budgets.