Electrical webinar Part 1 and 2 November 2020

All you need for electrical and automation engineering. In a series of two webinars we will show you, through practical examples, how you can improve your design work.

CADMATIC Electrical is the most extensive electrical and automation design system on the market and is suitable for a wide range of industrial electrical and automation design needs, such as industrial electrification and instrumentation as well as machine automation and logic design. CADMATIC Electrical is integrated with CADMATIC 3D Plant Design for seamless work across disciplines in larger plant design projects.

With CADMATIC Electrical, you can create circuit and wiring schemas, tables and lists, main schemas for industry and cabinet layouts efficiently.

This webinar series consisting of two webinars. A general webinar giving you a an overview of the benefits of CADMATIC Electrical and how it can help you improve your EIA design and processes. The second webinar is more technical and will show you through practical examples how you can improve your design work.

  • The general webinar takes about 45 minutes and is given by Jari Pynnönen, Business Development Director (EIA), CADMATIC
  • The technical webinar takes about 45 minutes and is given by Kristjan Mûûl, Sales Executive, Electrical & Automation Software, CADMATIC

3D model

Part one

Part two