World-class design and shipbuilding at Grandweld Shipyards

Posted on May 28, 2018

Grandweld Shipyards is one of the most recent shipyards to implement CADMATIC software. Stability, user-friendliness and customizability were some of the main reasons why Grandweld put their trust in CADMATIC. Since implementation in June 2017, the company has already started the design of a crew boat completely in CADMATIC, with a pilot boat to follow in early 2018.

Grandweld was established in 1984 and provides shipbuilding, ship repair, and engineering solutions to the offshore and marine industry globally. It specializes in the construction of steel and aluminum offshore vessels.

The Dubai-based shipyard has built a diverse portfolio of offshore vessels including ASD tugs, hybrid vessels, dive maintenance support vessels, multi-purpose supply vessels, fast intervention supply vessels, anchor handling tug supply vessels, crew boats, pilot boats and security/patrol boats.

Selection of CADMATIC

CADMATIC software was implemented at Grandweld in June 2017. According to Jamal Abki, General Manager at Grandweld Shipyard, the company started looking for alternatives to implement more stable, user-friendly and customizable software.

“It is important for us to have design software that can be customized for our requirements. These included micro customizations like GDL-related templates, supports, naming conventions, standard brackets and profile shapes as per Grandweld requirements. As CADMATIC could meet our requirements, we decided to implement it,” says Mr. Abki.

Training and start-up

The software training was conducted at the Grandweld headquarters in Dubai. Feedback from Mr. Abki indicates that the designers were satisfied with how the training was conducted.

“It was well organized in different modules and sequenced for better understanding. The skills and proficiency of the trainers were admirable.”

The training was divided into Hull and Outfitting. Additional support was provided during the start-up.

“The start-up had many challenges as we were implementing it, but we completed the process smoothly and now we have a completely new software that the team is excited to use. The CADMATIC Hull and Outfitting experts provided support and were with us throughout the start-up process,” Mr. Abki explains.

First project with CADMATIC

Grandweld has been working on its first project where CADMATIC is used exclusively for the design of a crew boat. The second project to be completely designed in CADMATIC is a pilot boat and has started in April 2018.

“We are just getting started, but after working for more than a decade on a different platform it has been a pleasant experience to work with CADMATIC so far,” Mr. Abki concludes.