Turku Chamber of Commerce ICT Deed of the Year Award goes to CADMATIC's design software

Posted on March 05, 2020

Turku Chamber of Commerce ICT Deed of the Year Award goes to CADMATIC design software

* Translation of Turku Chamber of Commerce press release

The ICT Committee of the Turku Chamber of Commerce has awarded the 2019 ICT Deed of the Year Award to Cadmatic Oy. Cadmatic Oy is a software company based in Turku, which is a global market leader in marine design and information management software. Each year, the committee rewards a person, company or act for exceptional operations in digitalization.

Turku has a long history in the maritime industry, and the maritime industry cluster and its subcontractors are the largest employer in Southwest Finland. The maritime industry is a high-tech industry, which is often a pioneer in the use of new technologies such as smart devices and systems, as well as digital services. Cadmatic Oy is a good example of this, and the Cadmatic Marine Design software developed by the company is already used by 40% of the world's commercial shipyards. Its growing customer base includes over 6,000 customer organizations in 60 countries. The company supplies design and information management software solutions in all project phases to customers in its core business areas of Marine (shipbuilding and offshore), Process and other Industries, and Construction.

Cadmatic Oy currently employs 230 software professionals in 14 countries. The company's global sales, customer service and R&D centers are located at its headquarters in Turku, Kotka and Groningen in the Netherlands. The company also has offices and staff in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Spain, South Korea, India, Italy, China, Singapore, Hungary, Sweden, Russia and Estonia, as well as certified resellers and support partners in 15 countries.

"We have been in the industry for a very long time since the early 1980s. Our success is based on our ability to combine software development and software engineering with customer and user needs. We have been able to develop computer software that enables our customers to significantly automate the design of ships, factories and buildings and the information management associated with their construction. From the beginning, we have ventured into the international market and believed in our own business,” says CEO of Cadmatic Jukka Rantala..

Through the ICT Deed Award, the ICT Committee of the Turku Chamber of Commerce seeks to highlight encouraging examples of the promotion of digitalization in traditional business areas. This year, the selection criteria highlighted internationality, innovation and support for education.

“It is great to receive this award from the Turku Chamber of Commerce and to see that our success is valued in our home region. The award is definitely an acknowledgment that we have done the right things and it encourages us and our entire staff to further develop our operations,” says Rantala.

Chairman of the Committee Harri Salo is proud of the local expertise. Cadmatic Oy has also been involved in the development of education in the field and in the autumn made a donation to the University of Turku for its new master’s degree in engineering along with Meyer Turku and Elomatic Oy.

“Finland excels in international competition because of its quality, reliability and the high level of expertise. Cadmatic software developed in Turku is used around the world to design marine products and we want to recognize this work. The company has emerged as the world's leading provider of design software for shipbuilding and was the first to introduce a number of innovations,” Salo explains.

The ICT Deed Award has been awarded since 2004. In previous years, the award has been given to Trinitas Medical Services Ltd, Nextfour Group, Boost Turku (Windows Phone Hackathon), Marine Rescue, Raisioagro Oy and the Turku University of Applied Sciences Citizen's IT support. Individual award winners include Antti Tuomisto, Jukka Rinnevaara, Teemu Brunila and The Crash band.

Jukka Rantala

Jukka Rantala, CEO of CADMATIC proudly receiving the ICT Deed of the Year Award.