South Korean shipyards showing strong interest in data-driven shipbuilding

CADMATIC’s increased presence in the South Korean market in recent years is bearing fruit. Alongside MTI Corporation, CADMATIC’s long-standing partner, enhanced sales and local technical support resources have been key in driving interest in CADMATIC’s data-driven shipbuilding solutions.

Seongman Yu and JH Song are two key members of the CADMATIC team in South Korea. Seongman has been the country’s CADMATIC Sales Manager since September 2019, while are JH Song took up the position of Technical Manager in November 2019. They are supported by CADMATIC’s Mehryar Delalat (Director, New Business Development) and MTI Corporation, a ship design system company that has been a CADMATIC partner for over 20 years. MTI adds great value to the partnership with its extensive experience of CADMATIC software and intimate knowledge of Korean shipbuilding.

According to Seongman, well-known and large Korean shipyards are looking for digital transformation and data-driven shipbuilding solutions. He adds that they are constantly reviewing new design systems to secure the future competitiveness of their design systems.

“Digital transformation, along with AI, digital twins, and the virtual ship concept are key trends pursued by Korean shipbuilding customers for next-generation design systems. They are showing strong interest in our data-driven concept and related solutions. We provide solutions to meet today’s challenges, but with a strong focus on meeting future challenges too,” says Seongman.

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MOU with HHI a notable success story

A notable success story achieved by the CADMATIC team in South Korea was the signing of a MOU with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in April 2020, whereby CADMATIC was selected as one of the candidates for the corporation’s next-generation design system.

“Together with HHI, we are working to realize their goal of digitalizing their shipbuilding process as much as possible based on their roadmap. Our information management solutions are an essential part of this development, empowering users by bringing all the relevant data of 3D projects to one point, the single source of truth.”

Seongman indicates that they have established good relationships with most major Korean shipbuilders such as HHI, DSME, HMD, HSHI, Daehan, Daesun, Sungdong, SHI, STX, Gangnam. Mid-tier shipbuilders such as Daehan Shipbuilding, Daeseon Shipbuilding, and Seongdong Shipbuilding have also shown growing interest in CADMATIC’s next-generation design systems.

In additional to ship design and shipbuilding companies, CADMATIC is in talks with Korean universities and education institutions to introduce CADMATIC software and solutions.

“Even during the Corona pandemic, the CADMATIC team in South Korea have actively continued connecting with stakeholders in the local shipbuilding market. I can see that our efforts are bearing fruit, CADMATIC is now a well-known brand in South Korea and our growth prospects are good,” says Mehryar Delalat.

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