New software release 2020T3 boosts design efficiency

The latest version of CADMATIC software (2020T3) has been released. The release is packed with new features and improvements that will add efficiencies to and ease design work and boost design project management. 

  • Executive summary: The P&I Diagrams module features new possibilities to view and edit diagram pipeline attributes, and the publication of off-page connectors to eShare for easy navigation between documents.  
  • Support for local coordinate systems in CADMATIC 3D Plant Design, Outfitting, eShare, eBrowser, and eGo enables the use of several coordinate systems in the same project. All local coordinate systems can also have their own reference coordinate systems, allowing for example, level heights and column distances to vary from one building to another.  
  • The Hull Basic Design functionality features a new export format – OCX XML, compatible with DNV GL classification society requirements and significant additions for the creation and modification of profiles, as well as the possibility to connect equipment locations to the view plane. 
  • eShare offers users the possibility to merge multiple 3D models in one project from 3DD, DWG, DXF, EBM, EBMX, and IFC formats bringing together all engineering disciplines.  
  • A long list of other new features in eShare includes multiple colorings for documents, saving, viewing, and the comparison of managed document revisions, additions for the personal use of smart points, importing multiple smart points and creating hyperlinks, the possibility to use images for maps, including manual replacement and alignment, management of the eGo device fleet and the simplification of point cloud management, the VR interface for eShare, and many more.  
  • The Electrical & Automation application features numerous additions that add efficiency to everyday use in design functions.  

For more details, please see the full release highlights