Professorship donated by CADMATIC to Turku University has been filled

Posted on March 15, 2022

The professorship donated by CADMATIC to the University of Turku in late 2019 has been filled. Yong Se Kim has started as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Turku.

CADMATIC donated the five-year professorship together with Elomatic Oy to assist the development of new degree programs in Turku. Together with another similar donation by Meyer Turku for a professorship in material technology at the same university, the donations are to the value of approximately €1.2 million.

According to CADMATIC Ceo Jukka Rantala, the development of education is a way for CADMATIC to support and contribute to the development of the society in which it operates. He adds that CADMATIC and the university are both international players and that strengthening the region’s international competitiveness was an important driver behind the decision.

“We take our social responsibility seriously, it’s not about words, but actions. For us, a dynamic university is an essential institution in developing any region. By donating the professorship, we want to support and further develop education and its accessibility," says Rantala.

From left to right: CADMATIC CEO Jukka Rantala, Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo, Professor Yong Se Kim, and CADMATIC Chairman of the Board Olli Manner.

Elomatic CEO Patrik Rautaheimo echoes Rantala’s sentiments.

"It is very important for Elomatic to invest in the development of the region’s well-being. In 2020 we celebrated 50 years of operation. Developing the degree programs in technology in Turku is a great way for us to celebrate our successful long-term operations," says Rautaheimo.

Yong Se Kim was previously employed as a Professor at the Sungkyunkwan University in Korea from 2000 to 2021. Among other degrees, he holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

CADMATIC warmly welcomes Yong Se Kim to Turku and looks forward to collaborating with him.