New software version 2021T3 released

The latest version of CADMATIC software (2021T3) has been released. The new and improved features we are most excited about include:

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • We’ve listened to our customers’ requests for improvements to the Plate Curve Editor. It is not only faster but also easier to use and comes with improved visualization. If you work with plate curves, make it a priority to check out how this will ease and speed up your work.
  • Cable tool nodal network generation has been overhauled to streamline the process for faster work, especially in large projects. We have eliminated unnecessary waiting time for cable route designers by giving them control over choosing the time they want to update the nodal network according to the 3D model.
  • You can now route beams faster than ever! There is a new reference point to rotate beams around and beams are visualized in the model during routing. We’ve also made it easier to edit beams.


  • All soft seams in plates are now created as fully topological seams. You can also now create soft seams of any shape with the new Arbitrary Seam function. Topological seams are related to other constructions or other soft seams, so they automatically adjust to changes in related parts, a great time saver during modification with increased accuracy to boot.
  • The Excel Open XML Spreadsheet format (XLSX) is now supported. As reports are generated based on templates, you can unleash the full power of Excel. We’ve also added a customizable template file for part List, COG List, and modification list report types.

    Information Management

    • Several new and improved imports in eShare and eBrowser give you even greater flexibility.
      • DWG/DWF/DXF import is now much faster if you need to import from AutoCAD® or AutoCAD®-based products. Give it a try and let us know what you think!
      • If you work on BIM projects and with BIM models, there is a welcome new IFC import feature for seamless import of traditional, IFC4, and IFCzip formats into CADMATIC.
      • You can now also import v7 & v8 Bentley Microstation® files in DGN format.
    • Administrators will love how much we’ve simplified making queries to the Microsoft SQL server. You no longer need to remember table and field names, just select them from the new drop-down menus.


    • The integration to CADMATIC Plant Modeller has been boosted with the ability to sync changes made in Plant Modeller to Electrical. If you make changes in the 3D model, simply sync them with Electrical to update 2D drawings automatically. This great feature means you avoid the hassle of making manual replacements in Electrical and engaging in extra communication.
    • A highly anticipated new feature now implemented is support for the modular generation of blocks and strips. This means that administrators will need fewer templates going forward, which will help prevent mistakes. Also, if you only need to make small changes you no longer need to duplicate templates.

    Read full Release Highlights

    Read the full Release Highlights here