New software version 2022T2 released

The latest version of CADMATIC software (2022T2) has been released. 2022T2 is jam-packed with exciting new features and improvements.

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • In our ongoing efforts to ease the work of designers and administrators, we have introduced a handy feature that automatically calculates bolt lengths. It reduces manual administration work and improves design quality by eliminating human error.
  • You can now create piping isometric drawings much faster. Production tree-based management makes it easy to control whether all pipes are included in isometric drawings. It’s super easy to see whether the drawings are up to date and when you modify a pipe in 3D, the status of the isometric drawing is automatically updated.
  • It’s now even easier to start using Cable Router as you can do so with or without the use of compartments. Collision control has been added for cable head/tail end jumps and you can create labels with cable data and fill rates with ease. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


  • The design of shell plates is now even easier and faster. With just one click, the system automatically detects the relations that form an enclosed shape and creates the corresponding plate or shell. You can officially say goodbye to manually selecting each plate or shell relation (border).
  • We now offer practically fully topological 3D model export to the new OCX standard. You no longer need to generate a bunch of dedicated class drawings, just give the classification society access to the 3D model via easy OCX export. We hope you’re as happy as us about how much time and work this will save!

Information Management

  • We’ve been working hard on developing a groundbreaking new user interface for eShare that we know you’ll love. It’s not fully ready yet, and several key features will be launched only in our 2022T3 release, but we just could not resist giving you a sneak peek already now in this public preview version. The UI is plugin-free, which means that you’ll soon be able to use eShare on the operating system and browser of your choice.


  • The user experience in CADMATIC Electrical has been taken to a totally new level in 2022T2 with a completely new and user-friendly method of handling groups and feeders. We have renewed a bunch of under-the-hood features and overhauled the user interface. Words don’t do justice to how much things have changed, so just dive in and experience it.
  • The new wiring interface allows users to draw different wiring types with one centralized tool! You can also quickly edit the wiring data in the same interface. Once you've made changes, they are automatically updated to all drawings. In addition, you can now easily create and manage wiring sets in the Schematics application with this new interface.


  • The Web API has new endpoints for library part handling and 3D model import as well as improved on-line documentation for integration developers.

Read full Release Highlights

Read the full Release Highlights here