New software version 2022T1

The latest version of CADMATIC software (2022T1) has been released. The new and improved features we are most excited about include:

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • The model tree has some great new functionalities. It’s fast and dynamic and it’s never been easier to search for objects with the advanced search tool. You can view and manage model group content with ease and find objects in the 3D model view from the model tree and vice versa in a flash. Check it out to see how it will empower you to do even more efficient outfitting and plant design.
  • In Cable Router, the new “Denied to pass through rule” is a significant time-saver. In ship cabling design, the software ensures that design rules are followed by avoiding certain spaces in auto routing. Designers can say goodbye to manual controls for different cable and compartment types!
  • Boosted visualization and change control means that document annotations are now updated even faster when changes are made to the 3D model. New and changed items are also shown in different colors, which makes it a lot simpler to add missing labels to new objects. Try it out and let us know what you think.


  • Shape import can now handle 64-bit hull shapes! You will now also have a seamless experience when importing even the largest hull shapes.
  • You can now mark erection lines also on sketches and robot files. This great new feature will save time and reduce errors in block assembly by indicating when welding is not permitted near a block boundary. Manual workarounds or internal rules are truly a thing of the past as the system automatically applies the erection lines.

Information Management

  • The attribute label that is familiar to eGo users is now also available in eBrowser and eShare. This handy feature can be used, e.g., in installation work to create installation views to replace or supplement paper drawings. The views can contain important labeled locations, measurements, and items to ease installation.


  • CADMATIC Draw 2022T1 boasts a completely new data extraction tool to extract CAD data from a drawing to an external data file.


  • There will be no 2022T1 version release of Electrical. The next version will be 2022T2, but it will be worth the wait!
  • Our latest update patch for 19.0.4 brings support for several Plant Modeller versions (2021T2, 2021T3, and 2022T1).
  • Sneak peek – User experience in 2022T2 will be taken to a totally new level! There will be a completely new and user-friendly method of handling groups and feeders. Both the under-the-hood features and the user interfaces will be renewed. We can’t wait to share this with you.

Read full Release Highlights

Read the full Release Highlights here.