New software release 2024T2

The latest version of Cadmatic software (2024T2) is absolutely packed with exciting new features. We've made designers' lives easier and elevated the user experience to a whole new level!

Top Picks – what we are most excited about in 2024T2!

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • P&ID View Integration: With the new P&ID view in Plant Modeller and Outfitting applications, users can insert valves and equipment directly from the P&ID view into the model. Pipe routing can now start directly from the P&ID drawing, providing a clear view of what is and isn’t in the 3D model.
  • Hull Insulation Visualization: Outfitting designers can now view hull insulation within the outfitting model, enhancing accuracy and design efficiency.
  • Data Protection Policies: Implement new policy settings to prevent unauthorized CX exports and protect modifications to the library, ensuring data security and integrity.


  • Electrical Instrument Integration: Seamlessly integrate instrument data from P&ID to Electrical with our new feature. The enhanced mapping definition ensures that relevant and desired data is easily accessible to electrical designers, streamlining the workflow and improving data accuracy.


  • Insulation Design: Introducing our new insulation feature, which allows users to design and optimize the thermal and acoustic insulation of ship structures. This enhancement helps reduce energy consumption, improve onboard comfort, and ensure compliance with regulations.
    WBD Shop Manager:
    Our new WBD Shop Manager feature enables comprehensive planning and monitoring of the production process. By coupling location information on the shop floor with WBD branching naming, each part and assembly follows the correct production path in the correct order, boosting efficiency, quality, and traceability.

Information Management

  • Document markups in eShare: To strengthen the collaboration capabilities in eShare, you can now add document markups to any document viewed in eShare. Document markups can contain shapes, lines, arrows, text, and highlights to emphasize parts of the document and can then be shared with others in the project, who can view, edit, or add to the document markup.
  • Touch support in eShare: eShare in a browser now offers support for using touch controls in tablets and other touch-controlled devices. Touch support enables using eShare wherever you are: a construction site, a plant — whenever you need it.


  • Symbols window for CADMATIC Electrical Lite: Electrical Lite users now have the possibility to select, insert, and edit symbols in the Symbols window, taking the workflow to the next level! Furthermore, the introduction of the favorite symbol list makes your go-to symbols just a click away!
  • Symbol selection for protective devices: In the feeder dialog, users can now add symbols directly to protective devices. These symbols are dynamic, which means their appearance automatically changes as needed.
    Wiring references and info insertion
    : Users now have the possibility to add information such as device descriptions and IDs for wiring references and incorporate the information into the drawing. Additionally, the information is also available in the DB tool, allowing for easy editing of larger amounts of data in a single view!

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