New software release 2023T1

The latest version of Cadmatic software (2023T1) has been released. 2023T1 is jam-packed with exciting new features and improvements.

Outfitting/3D Plant Design

  • The latest automation additions to pipe routing will be a hit with designers as they can route pipes more easily and faster. The auto-router can make more than two turns to target a connection point and automatically adds a reducer if the target connection point is of a different nominal size.
  • UX improvements: The movement distance for each coordinate is displayed for object movements. When copying or moving an object, you see exactly what you’ll get when the move or copy is done.
  • Our new isometric drawing tool displays a preview of isometric drawings for a set of pipes. Users can easily see what is included in the isometric drawings, which helps to split pipelines into different isometric drawings and will improve overall quality.


  • We have introduced a new property pane that visualizes object data immediately when an object is selected. The pane, which is part of a series of user interface improvements, can be set on top of the object template pane as a switchable tab. The UI improvements will speed up and ease the creation of P&ID drawings.


  • You can now generate production information up to 40% faster with our new optimized selection criteria. If a block contains small standard parts like lugs and brackets, you can save even more time!
  • We’ve launched our first version of topological OCX import. It lets you import data from scantling calculation systems and other CAD software during basic design in the OCX format. The imported data is fully topological; just import and start using it in CADMATIC Hull without limitations.

Information Management

  • The new eShare user interface is now the default UI and will be used for all eShare functions in the App and browser.
  • If you use eShare with a browser, you can do so without installing 3D components.
  • We’ve improved links from the model view; you can now display document metadata next to the name of the document and use the data to categorize document links
  • eShare maps are available in eGo and you can synchronize them also for offline use. It has never been easier and faster to find what you’re looking for on site.
  • In a great new licensing feature, we now offer license groups in eShare. License groups allow you to set up a separate license server for one or more user groups. As an O/O or EPC company you can, for example, assign subcontractors or customers a separate pool of eShare client licenses from your own license server.


  • We've got a convenient new symbol selection window that makes it a lot easier to insert symbols. You can view symbols in three ways: used by the program, in the current file, and in the project. Give the new tool a try and let us know what you think.

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