More than 8 out of 10 customers would recommend CADMATIC

CADMATIC Marine and Process & Industry customer survey results

The results of CADMTIC’s annual customer survey are in and we are delighted to announce that more than 8 out of 10 CADMATIC customers would recommend CADMATIC to their colleagues. The survey also shed light on how customers expect the Corona pandemic to affect their businesses in 2021 and what the role of CAD software is in this regard. The survey results are from the Marine and Process & Industry business units, with the Construction business unit to follow later. 

About 84% of all survey respondents were very satisfied or satisfied with CADMATIC customer services while approx. 70% were very satisfied or satisfied with product development. The usefulness of new functionalities over the last two years was rated at just over 4 out of 5.

“Delighting customers is a core value at CADMATIC and, therefore, we are very happy that so many of our customers are satisfied with our services and would recommend us to others. We want to be part of our customers success stories,” says CADATIC CEO Jukka Rantala.

The effect of Corona on operations in 2021

2020 has been dominated by the Corona pandemic and CADMATIC’s customer survey indicates that about 30% of all respondents expect a negative effect on projects in 2021. 

About a quarter indicated that Corona would have a slightly negative effect on projects while 15.6% are unaffected by the pandemic. Approximately 13% hold slightly positive or positive outlooks and 15.6% viewed the effects of Corona as unclear.

Role of CAD software in mitigating Corona effects on business

A significant percentage of customers feel that CAD software and information management solutions can help to mitigate the negative effects of Corona.

In the Marine segment, slightly over 30% of shipyards indicated that gaining efficiency is the most important target and that CAD software can facilitate this during the Corona crisis. Slightly more than a quarter of shipyard respondents feel that effective CAD and information management will significantly help to overcome the pandemic. More than 35% of design and engineering offices felt that effective CAD and information management will significantly help to overcome the pandemic crisis.

In the Process & Industry segment, more than 40% of respondents positively viewed the ability of CAD software and information management software in overcoming the pandemic, while just under 15% felt that the software can assist them in improving efficiency during the pandemic.

“For a significant number of our customers, the negative effects of Corona will be felt also next year. Our role is to continue providing solutions that improve efficiency and excellent service to help mitigate these negative effects,” says Rantala.

The CADMATIC management is thoroughly reviewing and analyzing all the results and comments received from the survey in view of incorporating them in development roadmaps and action plans. As always, CADMATIC is happy to receive any further feedback via our customer services desk.