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News about the new CADMATIC Academy's online self-learning courses in hull and outfitting design disciplines.

Posted on September 24, 2020

The CADMATIC Academy is a welcome addition that expands CADMATIC's support package for long-term customers and boosts starting up new users. It is available to all CADMATIC customers that have CADMATIC maintenance agreements and ongoing training arrangements and separately on request.

Self-study can help users become familiar with CADMATIC functionality in a flexible way and support design work without the need to follow a complete course at a time. It can help to find answers to practical questions and supply examples of use cases, showing the most efficient way to employ functionality for practical design challenges. The training materials remain available after the studies have been completed and, if needed, can be used at any time.

Traditionally, CADMATIC software training has been conducted in-house at customers' premises and, in some cases, at CADMATIC offices, as a scheduled training course. The launching of the CADMATIC Academy means that face-to-face or online interactive training with instructors can be reduced by more than 50%.

Basic user training usually requires about seven days for Outfitting Applications, which can be reduced to three days with the help of the self-learning courses online. It is particularly useful for organizations where it is not possible to distract designers from project work for lengthy periods. Now, the designers can flexibly complete the online courses when it is possible and convenient and after that supplement with interactive training.

Cadmatic courses screencaptures

Video tutorials form backbone of training

Video tutorials form the backbone of the Academy courses and consist of topics that users need to learn and related practical tasks they complete to practice implementation. The videos are supported with course handouts and other materials. Course progress can be followed on the course dashboard, and trainees also have access to discussion boards where topics related to CADMATIC software are discussed.

The Academy currently offers two main courses: CADMATIC Plant and Outfitting and Hull COS essentials.

The CADMATIC 3D Plant and Outfitting course covers user training for the following modules:

  1. Plant Modeller
  2. Component Modeller
  3. Cable Router
  4. P&I Diagram

The Hull COS essentials course focuses on the newest version of Hull Applications that run on the COS platform and is divided into four parts:

  1. Creating a new Hull project in the COS database
  2. Importing an existing project in the COS database
  3. Setting up COS replication for hull
  4. Saving parts into COS and sending hole requests

Example course "Benefits of parametrisation"

The CADMATIC Academy gives new users a head on start and helps in staying up-to-date with the latest functionalities and efficient ways of working in all CADMATIC applications.

Our support teams will continue to develop other courses actively, including a Basic User course for CADMATIC Hull, Support Designer, and advanced and administrator courses. Our idea is to offer online training packages for all disciplines and keep the study materials up-to-date with the latest changes in new versions.

Several CADMATIC customers have started taking advantage of flexible e-learning materials already. It has been particularly useful during the travel restrictions that have been implemented during Covid-19.

If you are interested in the e-learning options we have available, please contact us at