Intelligent P&ID exchange format DEXPI boosts management of digital design data

Discover new ways of managing your digital design data with intelligent P&ID exchange format DEXPI

Cadmatic now supports DEXPI version 1.3 for both import and export to and from CADMATIC P&ID. DEXPI is an open XML format that enables process-related data to be easily transferred from one software program to another.

Interoperability is a cornerstone of the Cadmatic software development philosophy. According to Cadmatic Product Owner Liisa Rosenqvist, the DEXPI cooperation allows Cadmatic customers to ensure the reliability and integrity of the data that they get from different stakeholders, operational phases, and software systems.

“When you use DEXPI for smooth import of data into CADMATIC P&ID and Plant Modeller, it can shorten the time you use for the preliminary phase of your brownfield project. The P&ID data can be further used in CADMATIC eShare in the form of intelligently linked documents to the digital twin of the facility,” Rosenqvist explains.

Cadmatic P&I data can also be exported via DEXPI to other software programs that support the DEXPI import. This could, for example, be the export of P&I data for use in external simulation or automation design software.