eShare for HoloLens 2 application launched

The eShare for HoloLens 2 application has been launched in the Microsoft store. The new app is meant for the latest generation of Microsoft HoloLens devices. The availability of HoloLens 2 has been increasing lately. CADMATIC eShare users can now benefit from using the latest advances in hardware: get the full experience of digital twin 3D models residing in real world environments to support project discussions, decision-making, and construction processes.

The eShare for HoloLens 2 application is free of charge for all existing eShare users. It boasts an improved interface to better fit new devices and also supports the easy-to-use gestures that were launched with HoloLens 2.

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About eShare for HoloLens

eShare for HoloLens is an app that allows the user to interface Microsoft HoloLens with CADMATIC eShare. It offers an entirely new interactive design and engineering experience in Augmented Reality where digital 3D models reside in the real-world environment. eShare for HoloLens provides a new way to utilize eShare data. It includes tools for loading the 3D model from the server and using it offline, scaling, moving and aligning the model with real objects, showing attribute data and making measurements.