Data exchange between CADMATIC and SiteBase enables better control of plant design projects

Posted on February 11, 2019

Communication between CADMATIC and SiteBase software has evolved into a bidirectional workflow that lets mutual customers carry out and control industrial plant design projects more efficiently.

CADMATIC, a developer of intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software for the marine and plant industries, and Eurocon SiteBase, a provider of a structured information management platform to control projects, plants and sites, are collaborating to benefit their mutual and potential customers operating primarily in the pulp and paper market.

”We are not competitors, but our software solutions complement each other for the benefit of end customers,” says Vice President of Plant Industry at CADMATIC Sami Koponen. “There’s plenty of synergy to share between the companies and, in this case, one plus one is definitely more than two, as we are able to create additional customer value for the plant design and management processes. The more automated and streamlined data exchange will reduce the amount of manual labor and therefore the risk of human errors, making the systems much faster to use together.”

“Our collaboration started several years ago in joint development meetings with mutual Swedish paper and pulp customers,” recollects Mikael Lindqvist, CEO of Eurocon SiteBase AB. “These industries use both SiteBase and CADMATIC, so we initiated a possible integration between our products. Recently this has evolved into bidirectional communication where new data can be entered and exchanged in either software. This provides our end customers with a great opportunity to carry out project work safely and efficiently.”

Joint platform helps existing customers and provides a workflow to satisfy new ones

Lindqvist is convinced that the joint platform will help existing customers and attract new ones, especially in the Nordics.

“SiteBase provides a solution for plant owners to flow data from project to plant in operation and further to maintenance systems. At this stage, we can exchange data, drawings and models between our tools. Ultimately the plant owners will be able to send data to their maintenance systems. This will be a unique function to enhance faster workflow and data transfer between CADMATIC and SiteBase. Our cooperation also opens an opportunity to reach new markets and to provide a workflow that will satisfy new customers. The integrated platform will save time, reduce engineering costs and minimize mistakes.”

For more information, please contact:

Sami Koponen, Vice President - Plant segment, tel. +358 40 747 1787

Mikael Lindqvist, CEO, Eurocon SiteBase AB, tel. + 46 (0)70 329 56 02