CADMATIC supporting robust growth in Russian commercial shipbuilding

2020 was a successful year for CADMATIC in Russia despite the Covid pandemic and related lockdowns

Posted on July 05, 2021

The Russian shipbuilding industry is showing strong growth driven by demand in the fisheries and passenger transportation sectors. Director, Sales & Operation in Russia, Evgenii Egorov, says that a large part of the over 60 fishing vessels currently being constructed at Russian shipyards were designed with CADMATIC software.

Russian ship design offices are committed to gaining efficiencies with high-end software solutions and information management systems. The use of AR/VR technologies is also gaining traction alongside increasing interest in digital twin solutions.

Bigger team to support growing list of customers

The biggest Russian shipbuilding cluster is in Saint-Petersburg, and this is also where the CADMATIC main office in Russia is located. Other important locations include Nizhniy Novgorod and Astrakhan. The CADMATIC team in Russia now has ten employees to support the growing list of customers.

“It’s crucial for us to have sufficient resources to support our local and global customers. We want to ensure that the software is used in the most efficient way so that our customers get the maximum benefit. Most recently, we added a new technical representative in the Astrakhan region, one of the most important shipbuilding regions in Russia,” says Evgenii.

According to Evgenii, 2020 was a successful year for CADMATIC in Russia despite the Covid pandemic and related lockdowns.

“In spite of the Covid-related difficulties, we managed to expand our presence on the market and increase the number of customers, both in the commercial and educational sectors. Sredne-Nevsky shipyard, Krylov Research Center and Lazurit Design Office are some of the key successes we achieved last year, and we think this year will be even better,” Evgenii describes the business environment.

Engenii indicates that some of the reasons for the team’s success in Russia is that CADMATIC is viewed as having a superior solution for seamless data exchange and its usability with CADMATIC’s main design tools and Information Management modules.

Meeting local Russian shipbuilding standards

Evgenii indicates that both state-owned and private Russian shipbuilding companies require highly efficient tools and front-edge technologies to design and build vessels. At the same time, the Russian market requires a very high level of standard localization.

“Fortunately, we started our Russian Regional Standards (RRS) project already in 2014, so most of the local standards have already been developed together with our regional partners. This saves time and ensures that our customers can meet the specific standards required in the local market”.