Cadmatic is part of consortium leading EU-funded SEUS project for smarter and more productive shipbuilding

Posted on January 12, 2023

Cadmatic is part of a consortium of industrial companies and academic institutions that is leading the EU-funded Smart European Shipbuilding project (SEUS) that was launched 1 January 2023. SEUS is an EU Innovation Action with a focus on computational tools for shipbuilding. The consortium will create a framework for data-driven shipbuilding by developing a new integrated platform that incorporates early and detailed ship design solutions, data management, and collaboration software.

The platform solution aims to slash the time needed for ship engineering by 30% and cut assembly times by an ambitious 20%. It will be built with the best EU shipbuilding expertise provided by the academic and industrial consortium participants and evaluated at two leading European shipyards.

The platform solution will develop novel practices for human-centric knowledge management, data-driven AI design elements, intelligent technology, and an Industry 5.0 concept for shipbuilding. It will also support the growth of a European workforce that is highly skilled in the deployment and use of advanced computational tools in shipbuilding, particularly with respect to the integration of new technologies.

SEUS is part of Horizon Europe, the EU’s flagship research and innovation program with a budget of €95,5 billion. SEUS is funded to the tune of approximately €7 million, of which Cadmatic will receive €1,6 million. Cadmatic is responsible for leading the technical coordination of the four-year-long SEUS project.

The SEUS consortium consists of 8 organizations from 5 countries. The members include highly innovative partners such as well-established shipbuilding solution provider Cadmatic (Finland), PLM data management solution developer Contact Software (Germany), SARC BV (The Netherlands), two shipyards with different profiles in Ulstein Group (Norway) and Astilleros Gondan SA (Spain), and outstanding research institutes: the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Turku University (Finland), and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands).

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“We are proud to be leading the technical coordination and working alongside the other consortium partners on this ambitious project. It is very exciting to use our shipbuilding expertise to incorporate CAE/CAD/CAM and PLM elements in a single innovative and groundbreaking platform that will take shipbuilding efficiency to the next level,” says Ludmila Seppälä, Business Development Director at Cadmatic.