CADMATIC flag flying high in India and Southeast Asia

Aims to be no. 1 ship design software supplier in the region by 2025

Posted on June 23, 2021

Roshansingh Navlur, CADMATIC Regional Director for India and Southeast Asia, has set ambitious business development goals: By 2025, he wants CADMATIC to be the no. 1 ship design software provider in the region. The growing number of Shipyards, EPCs, and SMEs in the region that have switched to CADMATIC in recent years is testament to the fact that despite being ambitious, the goals are also realistic.

According to Roshan, recent successes in the region are not a flash in the pan, but the result of long-term and focused development in the region.

“Our hard work over the last decade is paying off. The CADMATIC brand is vibrant and well-known in the region, and we anticipate excellent growth going forward. To support this, we are also adding to our human resources. We currently have 25 employees at two offices in Mumbai and in Goa and we plan to recruit several more by the end of 2021,” says Roshan.

Key countries for maritime sector growth in the region are India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Roshansingh Navlur in his office

Roshansingh Navlur, CADMATIC Regional Director for India and Southeast Asia, wants CADMATIC to be the no. 1 ship design software provider in the region by 2025. 

Building relationships key to success

In addition to providing state-of-the-art software solutions, Roshan points to a long-term commitment to building trust and close relationships with clients as a key success factor.

“All our current CADMATIC clients were once users of our competitor’s software platforms. It takes time to convince clients to change, as it is quite a big step for them. We focus a lot on understanding their needs and pain points and how we can address them. We build real relationships with them based strong pre- and post-sales, and with what I can confidently say is the best customer service in the business,” Roshan adds.

A strong regional business approach has also reaped rewards both in marketing and sales.

“We don’t go in with a one-fits-all approach. We focus on regionally acceptable marketing and sales strategies to do business differently than our competitors. We create a powerful offer or guarantee and ensure ROI for our clients. Importantly, we are not only selling software, but creating a winning culture, for us and our clients.

Covid-19 effect on regional business

According to Roshan, The Covid-19 outbreak had a devastating effect also in India and Southeast Asia.

“Business was very negatively affected, many engineering design and consultant projects ground to a halt. But recent developments around vaccine rollouts, particularly in the USA and Europe, have given hope that the situation will be much improved by year end, also in our region, and business confidence is returning.”
Members of the CADMATIC team in the office

Members of the CADMATIC team in Mumbai. 

CADMATIC Goa team in the office

The CADMATIC Goa team celebrating another success with Regional Director for India and Southeast Asia Roshansingh Navlur,