Cadmatic enters agreement with LKAB to support digital transformation

Cooperation starts in groundbreaking ReeMAP project

Posted on March 22, 2023

Cadmatic and LKAB have entered an agreement whereby Cadmatic will provide LKAB with asset management and digital twin technologies for its groundbreaking ReeMAP circular industrial park project for extraction of phosphorus and rare earth elements in Luleå, Sweden. 

LKAB is Europe’s largest producer of iron ore. The ReeMAP project aims to use by-products of iron ore mining to increase Europe’s self-sufficiency in the critical raw materials phosphorous and rare earth elements. The circular and climate-efficient materials will be used in green technology and in mineral fertilizer for food production.

“LKAB is 130 years old, but we are building for the future. We will use Cadmatic solutions to handle asset information during engineering and production on the ReeMAP project and is one important part in our ongoing digitalization. In our future vision, digital twins will be at the core of smart mining and industrial plants, operator training, maintenance and asset management and automation to mention just a few applications. Cadmatic solutions will support this digital transformation,” says Johan Breheim, ReeMAP Project Manager, Business Area Special Products, LKAB.