CADMATIC-CONSTRUSOFT cooperation bearing fruit

Posted on April 23, 2018

In February 2017 CADMATIC announced the signing of a resale and support agreement for CADMATIC Plant Design Software in Spain, Austria, Poland, Chile, Peru and Colombia. As a part of developing the business in Spain and Austria, in particular, CADMATIC Senior Sales Manager Vesa-Matti Vaara spent 8 months on secondment in Barcelona from February to October 2017. The cooperation is beginning to bear fruit: several clients have been acquired and high levels of interest have been shown in CADMATIC solutions.

The cooperation with Construsoft has been smooth. According to Vesa-Matti Vaara, they have been able to impress companies with the general performance level of CADMATIC and its added value in handling big and complex models.

“I have really enjoyed the cooperation with Construsoft. They are very professional in what they do and have 20 years’ experience to back that up. They understand what is important in engineering software sales and have dedicated experts for marketing, presales, sales, and technical support. It is very important to have all these experts in order to be successful in sales and support. Together, we have been able to show potential customers precisely how CADMATIC can optimize design, in particular when there are big and complicated models to deal with. The new visualization core has been a game changer in this regard,” says Vesa-Matti.

From mechanical CAD to high performance plant design

There is a noticeable desire to transition from mechanical CAD to higher performance plant design tools in the Construsoft focus markets. In the past, many proprietary technology companies have tended to use mechanical CAD-oriented design tools. Vesa-Matti indicates that these companies have realized the need for more specialized and higher performance plant design tools.

“CADMATIC has been able respond very well to this need with its extremely good interoperability with mechanical CAD tools,” says Vesa-Matti.

First actions taken in Austria

The first actions by Construsoft were taken in Austria, where a sales person was already hired in January 2017. In addition to Austria, other German speaking areas in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and some northern parts of Italy have also been the focus. In Austria, the heavily industrialized areas of Vienna, Graz and Linz have received most attention.

The Construsoft sales person for Austria, Jürgen Csiszar, has been impressed with CADMATIC’s capabilities.

“Austria is a good market for CADMATIC. There are many companies that do not yet use specialized plant design tools, but rather 2D or mechanical CAD programs. Due to my background in the process industry and 3D design, I was impressed with CADMATIC from the beginning. The intelligent link from P&ID to 3D design is one of the most fascinating tools in the plant industry engineering area. We have received very good feedback about this tool on our visits in Austria. The communication platform, eShare, has also made a good impression. It is very well suited to engineering, maintenance, and purchasing,” explains Jürgen.

High level of activity in Spain

In Spain, sales activities have concentrated on Barcelona, Madrid, as well as the northern regions and Andalusia. Recent examples of the active promotion of CADMATIC solutions include seminars in Mardrid and Barcelona in November 2017. The seminars focused on the benefits of CADMATIC’s integrated design, engineering and information management applications. The seminars were a great success and will be followed up with similar events.

Four new clients have already implemented CADMATIC in Spain. These include GreenE Waste to Energy, Grupo Navec, SacyrFLuor and International Paper Madrid Mill.

According to Vesa-Matti Vaara the market potential in Spain is good.

“There are a lot of Spanish companies looking for more efficient software solutions to empower their plant design activities. We also see a lot of potential in many different industry segments. One interesting area of note is the environmental segment. There are many companies involved with wastewater treatment, for instance. Our current customer base has plenty of references also in this area and the response from the market has been extremely good.”

South America on the radar

Construsoft has also started making some overtures in South America. It has offices in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

“The feedback has been very promising in South America and we are considering more concrete actions there next year,” Vesa-Matti concludes.